Titan Turbo 2G/16G.



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 Price    USD : $299.00
hardware  CPU MT8163 64 四核 1.3GHZ   CORTEX-A53-ARMV8   ok 
GUP  Mali-T720 MP2  1.x/2.0/3.0/3.1 3D graphic accelerator capable of processing 115M tri/secand 1.0G pixel/sec @ 520MHz  OpenCL 1.2 embedded profile
RAM  2GB or more 
internal storage  16GB or more 
SOftware  OS android 8.0.1 or higher ()
Display  Diplay Resolution  7"1024x600
display brightness   brightness to 330 nits  
display Contrast Ratio 500:1(min)
Display Color  16.7M , Display color depth :16-bit RGB 
Display Technology  LCD IPS 
Display Surface  Glass +protection film 
video suppport  can support MP4 , MOV ,3GP AV1
Touch screen  5 points capacitive multi touch 
AUDIO  Audio speaker  1W mono speaker min ,a means to adjust the volume (can be software controlled )
headphone Jack  none
Microphone  none
Connectivity  USB  support USB 2.0
WI-FI  support 802 .11 a/b/g/n 
bluetooth  support V4.0 BLE 
NFC none
Infrared none
FM none
GPS none
CAMERA  Front  2MP 
Sensors  Compass magnetometer  none
proximity sensor  none
Ambient Light sensor  none
Gyroscope  none
barometer none
temperature sensor  none
Buttons  Power  power button to provide display Turn-off , tablet power on/off functions , Tablet should also provide the following features 1)Tablet to auto start-up when +5V power on , 2)tablet to auto shut down after 8 sec. trailing the +5v power off 
Volume +/- none
Rotation lock  none
back  none
home  none
Power  Power Jack  barrel type femal receptacle with I.D 0.7mmx2.35mm , PCB mid-mount , capable of delivering 5V DC @2Amps minimum 
Power Consumption  1A (Typical )@5V 2A (MAX ) @+5v 
Battery  Technology  Rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery 
Initial capacity Nominal 2600mah single cell 
voltage  Average 3.7V Standard Discharge , 3.6V WORKING , 4.0~4.1V peak , 3.4V~3.5V cut off 
standard charge  0.2c constant current , 4.0v~4.1v charge voltage cut off suggested for a longer battery life 
standard discharge  0.2cconstant current ,3.4V~3.5V  Discharge cut off leading to tablet shut down , If the tablet charger does not shut down the tabelt upon reaching this discharging cut off threshold ,there is no guarantee that the tablet data can be protected during the next power down , Max. discharging Rate:2.0  Amp limited by PCB 
Battery life  the battery might be useless after 7+years 
Use Cases 1)Tablet is ON for 24hours a day 
2)tablet is ON for 8 hours a day 
3)tablet is ON for 1 hours a day 
4)tablet is ON for 10 Minx8  times a day 
5)tablet is ON for 2 hours a week 
Enviromental  min. Max. temp =0.55 degree measure inside the tablet 
Rel humidity =45~90%
Storage  >96% recoverable capacitry retained after 1 year storage at 25 degree with 40% charge level 
battery protection circuit  warning system on control over-charge over -discharge, over temperature , over voltage , and over -current , PCB(2.0A) installed with the battery pack to protect the battery from overcharge (>4.2v) , over dsicharge (<2.5v) , over drain (>2.0A),short circuits . 
battery safety  over-charge ,over discharge, external short circuit , forced-discharge, thermal , altitude , vibration , shock and impact/crush proof , -NO EXPLOSION AND nO. FIRE 
Tablet size  Dimensions  tablet size :188.6x108.5x10.6mm 
For more detail e.mail at turbotab@Hipstreet.com